Break in repairs

Break in Repairs By Homeguard Locksmith

We can repair your break in damage the same day. What ever the time, AM or PM. We carry the stock required to repair, replace or upgrade. Giving back your security and piece of mind what ever the time 24 hours a day.

Upgrade your old locks to new anti-snap 3 star SS312 Diamond approved cylinders, the best on the market. See our FAQs for information on anti-snap locks.

Take a minute to read our 5 star rated reviews from our previous customer.

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How do you confidently choose a locksmith you can trust with the security of your home?As of 2021 there are no lawful regulations that govern the locksmith industry! Thats right, all you need is a car, some cheap tools off the Web and a winning smile.

Below are a few recommendations from Stockport's Homeguard locksmiths to help you avoid becoming a victim of poor workmanship and being over charged by rouge locksmiths.

1. Do your homework. Read the reviews from trusted websites. Fake reviews come in all shapes and sizes but they all have one thing in common, they are short. Usually just two or three words. "Great job" or "Excellent service" or my personal favourite "Nice bloke." Locksmiths are not the most imaginative types, when you are typing fake reviews constantly it's hard to be original! Reviews are hard to come by and most people are simply too busy or just forget when agreeing to leave a review. So large numbers of reviews in a short period of time should be a warning!

2. Check accreditation. Any locksmith worth his salt should be a member of the Master Locksmith Association. A qualified member has to be vetted and have passed the strict British Locksmiths Institute examination process. There are locksmith training institutes out there that have no examination process at the end of a course, simply turn up, attend the course and receive a paper certificate that says you are now qualified! A clear DBS check from the police and the relevant Public Liability insurance should also be in place.

3. Use a local locksmith. National locksmiths have huge overheads like call centres and massive advertising budgets. Where does all that money come from? The customer! Beware, the National locksmith companies and locksmith franchises will buy local telephone numbers to appear like a local company deceiving you before they have even answered your call.Using a local locksmith almost guarantees you will receive a much better service. I would be proud to bump into any of our existing customer in my home town of Stockport.




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